ENERGY TRAVEL 1,5mm Yoga mat for Dynamic Yoga

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Always carry your Energy Travel by Re Yoga with you, the travel mat designed for those who love dynamic life and travel. Very easy to transport, it weighs only 1 kg and can be folded or rolled up to store it in a bag, backpack or suitcase.
Perfect if you practice intense styles such as ashtanga yoga, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, bikram yoga and pilates and is recommended for those who sweat intensely, because thanks to the microfibre on the upper side, it absorbs sweat and dries quickly ensuring excellent grip in wet conditions.
The lower side is made of 100% natural rubber (latex) and its very light thickness (only 1.5 mm) gives maximum stability during practice. In the centre of the mat is a line to support alignments, just follow it with your eyes if necessary.
The microfibre of this mat was selected for its technical characteristics and sustainability. It is, in fact, a recycled fabric, 100% free of PVC and Phthalates (Reach and Rosh certified).

Mankind & Biosphere Mat Collection by Re Yoga are inspired by the beauty and colors of 3 Biosphere Reserves (Tanzania, Canary Islands, Georgia) characterized by ecosystems particularly significant for their biodiversity in which communities permanently reside. Here, responsible resource management, the care and enhancement of diversity and shared cultural and social growth are promoted, to bring benefits to all forms of life that live there. With the hope of finding that balance, between economic development and nature, which is necessary if biological and cultural diversity is to survive over time.

When it's time to recycle your Energy, separate the two layers! The coloured fabric will go in the plastic, while the natural rubber you can recycle following the instructions of your local recycling centre.

Size: 65 x 185 cm
Thickness: 1,5 mm
Weight: 1000 grammi



Microfibra in poliestere riciclato e Gomma naturale

Specific References

-       At the beginning of your practice lesson, if your hands and feet are very dry, you can spray some water on the mat and immediately feel the grip of your mat. Microfibre is characterised precisely by its ability to increase grip in proportion to the moisture it absorbs (more sweat = more grip!).

-       In addition, we recommend that you use this mat without wearing shoes or non-slip socks. Before you start practising, always wash your hands and feet thoroughly to remove any residues of creams and oils that could stain the mat.

-       when first used, dust the mat thoroughly with a damp cloth

-       before rolling and storing your Energy after use, wait until it is completely dry

-       fold the yoga mat only as long as necessary when transporting and leave it rolled up when storing at home

-       if possible, place it in a bag to protect it from dust

-       do not expose the mat to direct sunlight or heat sources, as this will degrade the natural rubber of the bottom layer and reduce the durability of the mat

-       after practice, if you have been sweating a lot, you can clean your Energy with a damp cloth and our ReClean mat cleaner or a mild detergent

-       for deeper cleaning you can wash the Energy mat in a washing machine with cold water and a gentle cycle without spin cycle.

-       never put the mat in the dryer

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