Free your essence, express your uniqueness and femininity.

Devi Capsule Collection, designed for you with Anna Inferrera aims to make you feel beautiful, cared for and free to express your femininity.
The combo of design, colors and materials has a very high vibration, by wearing them you will receive a lively and stimulating energetic quality, perfect to enrich you towards the awakening of the Sacred Feminine of every woman.

Discover all the Devi Capsule Collection items

A feminine, super comfortable and high-performance set for your practice

Flared trousers, crop top and glam bra top in light viscose jersey in two color variations: Rusty Orange and Cyclamen.
Comfortable and with a relaxed fit, they will follow your body with maximum freedom of movement and thanks to their lively colors they will be the right energizing boost.

Rust orange Devi set

It's the most energizing nuance of the new season, lively and vital, because it speaks of summer, sun and joy. This sunny and fragrant color was associated in ancient Eastern cultures with emotional intelligence and mental concentration.

Inspired by the tones of a radiant sunset, it marries the vibrancy and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a recognisable, magnetic shade that exudes warmth and energy.

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Cyclamen Devi set

An awsome and shiny color for this super feminine shade. Cyclamen is a lively color that can increase energy and stimulate the mind, making creativity more alive. This shade of color has the power to create a connection with your spiritual side.

Those who love this shade feel the need to feel free and at the same time attract sympathy and admiration by communicating availability towards others.

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Anna Inferrera - a yogic way of life

Anna is a twenty years of experience yoga teacher. In her style, the link between breath and asana and the wide freedom of choice between several creative sequences, guides students of all levels to experience the power of their own vital energy. Fluidity and grace are two characteristics of her teaching that she summarized in the symbol of the feather. This symbol conveys qualities such as freedom, lightness and beauty.
Her journey in the awakening of the Sacred Feminine began about 10 years ago. The Female Soul speaks the language of body and frees the heart, from this space comes the desire to translate this language and make it visible in a collection.
Devi in Sanskrit means "She who shines". The authentic and inner awakening of the Sacred Feminine awakens our creativity, helps us develop greater emotional balance and proceed with concerted action on our path of transformation.

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